Marlene Dietrich

Marlene Dietrich was born on December 27, 1901 in what is now Berlin.
She began her career as an actress in the theater and in silent films in the Golden Twenties in Berlin.
She rose to international fame in 1929 with the role of the femme fatale Lola Lola in the film The Blue Angel.
The film premiered on April 1, 1930 in Berlin; the US premiere took place on December 5, 1930. The song Falling In Love Again, sung by Dietrich in the film, became a world hit.
In the early 1930s, Marlene Dietrich went to Hollywood, where she was signed by Paramount. She directed the drama Morocco (1930) alongside Gary Cooper, for which she received an Oscar nomination for Best Actress. With films such as Shanghai Express (1932) and The Great Bluff (1939), she established herself as the first German film star in Hollywood.
In her first film in the USA ("Morocco") she appeared as a singer in men's clothing. Your trouser suit causes a scandal and turns you into a style icon. In doing so, Dietrich not only revolutionized the world of fashion, but also broke with traditional gender roles.
On June 9, 1939, she took on US citizenship.
During World War II, Dietrich interrupted her acting career and appeared in front of American troops in North Africa , in Italy and in France.
In 1947, Marlene Dietrich received the Medal of Freedom, the highest award in the USA for civilians.
From the 1950s onwards, Dietrich was mainly on stage as a singer. Her most famous songs, which are also internationally successful, include I'm prepared for love from head to toe, Lili Marleen, I still have a suitcase in Berlin and Tell me where the flowers are. She received recognition for her acting achievements in these years for Witness for the Prosecution (1957) directed by Billy Wilder and for The Judgment of Nuremberg (1961) opposite Spencer Tracy
On February 8, 1960 she gets her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
In 1978 she made her last film appearance in the film "Beautiful Gigolo, Poor Gigolo".

Marlene Dietrich died in Paris on May 6, 1992. She is buried in Berlin-Friedenau.