james dean

James Byron Dean was born on February 8, 1931 in Marion/ Indiana.
He was an American film actor. He usually embodies rebellious, torn characters and thus becomes the idol of young people.
After studying law for several semesters, he begins acting classes at California University and later also at Lee Strasberg's Actors' Studio in New York. Dean finances himself with odd jobs until he attracts attention with a small theater role.

1953 Dean plays the title role in the Broadway performance "The Immoral" by André Gide, for which he receives the "Daniel Blum Prize" as the best young actor of the USA.
At one of these performances, director Elia Kazan was in the audience, who was immediately impressed by the skills of the young Dean and subsequently gave him the leading role in his film "Out of Eden".
On March 9, 1955 the premiere of Out of Eden took place, but Dean did not attend. He celebrated the success by buying his first Porsche, a 356 Speedster.
James Dean finally became a star, an icon for an entire generation and a symbol of the rebellious youth of the 1950s with the film "...because they don't know , what you do". A year later, Dean shot his last film, "Giant". He was already dead when the film premiered.
James Dean died in an accident through no fault of his own on September 30, 1955, at the age of just 24 in his Porsche Spyder, which he christened "Little Bastard".

James Dean was posthumously nominated for 2 Oscars.