Our secret shooting location

A few weeks ago it finally happened. Countless weeks, days, hours of preparation, organization and planning for the shoot of our Idols Legends Icons collection had passed.

And this long time has more than paid off. Our model was blown away by the colorful motifs and felt damn comfortable. And rightly so!

Whether on the beach, in the urban jungle or on the go. Of course, where we shot remains our secret. Nobody reveals their secret hot spots. Maybe we were in San Francisco, on the beach in Hawaii, or was it in the hills of L.A.? Of course, finding the ideal location for a shoot requires a lot of planning and preparation. And only the most beautiful ones came into question for us in the end. Big praise and thanks go to everyone who supported us.

Our models definitely enjoyed the time. And you can see that too.
The combination of the perfect location, the fantastic models and the extraordinary collection made this shoot an absolute pleasure.